Jodhpur Association Kolkata

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Few Details about Organization : The Jodhpur Association, Kolkata was formed in the year 1966 by a handful of intellectual Jodhpurians who had migrated to Kolkata. It has forever been a revered platform which has brought all Jodhpurians, together under one umbrella, without distinction of caste or religion, creating an atmosphere of fraternity to share their joys, triumphs, achievements, travails and sorrows; and to find solace in fellowship and companionship and at the same time doing service activities in the city of joy.The members of the association come from all walks of life including industrialist, traders and professionals like Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Share Brokers, Bankers, Artists, Senior Bureaucrats, Doctors, Professors and self-employed Entrepreneurs, irrespective of age, education and religion