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Brian soft global services is a Best PHP training in Howrah since 2011 and we are also leading web design and Digital Marketing company in Kolkata. Brian soft global services are providing a basic and advanced level of php training in Howrah with live projects, real-time projects with 100% job placement assistance with top industries. Our PHP Training Course program consists of the latest trend in the IT industry. We had given training in many corporate institutions in Kolkata. Our trained candidates getting a job in leading organizations across India. They are getting confidence in PHP programming by our effective php training course module.

why choose us for php training in Howrah

Every 3-month Unique Update Their Syllabus As Per the Advanced Updates Of Technologies.
Learn from Highly Experienced Trainer (14+ Years).
Real Time Training with Live Projects to Practice & Get Hands-on Exposure.
Experienced trainers Take the theoretical class.
Experienced Developers Assistance for Practical Classes.
Real Project Explanation.
Maximum of 6 – 8 students in a batch.
Interview Preparation.

Any PHP training institute can give you a certificate, but only a relevant industry-oriented training facility can make you “employable”.we offering hands-on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level php training in Howrah. That helps the students to get more experiences during PHP course.

PHP Training Course Content

Level 1 :

Introduction to PHP
Php Variables with all data types
Typecasting in php
PHP operators in php
Conditional statement
Loop control
PHP array
Single dimensional array, Multidimensional array
For each loop for array
Program with array
String Handling in php
Joining and Splitting String
Comparing Strings
Matching and replacing substrings
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Character sets and classes
Counted Subexpressions
Anchoring to the Beginning or End of a string
Branching with Regular expression
Matching Literal Special Characters
Reviewing the Special Characters
Matching and replacing substring with Regular Expressions
Splitting string with Regular expressions

Level 2 :

Introduction to Php functions
Important Php string function
Important Php array function
Important mysql function
Date & time function in php
How to create user defined function
Using parameters
Understanding scope
Returning values
Calling by value versus calling by reference
Implementing recursion
Reusing codes

Level 3 :

Php File Handling
Php Creating & Deleting a file
Reading & Writing text files
Working with directories in PHP
Checking for existence of a file
Determining file size
Opening a file for writing, reading or appending
Writing Data to the file
Reading Characters
Using other useful file functions

Level 4 :

Introduction to server variables
Small program with file upload
What Session Control is?
Understanding Basic Session Functionality
What is a Cookie?
Setting Cookies with PHP
Using Cookies with Sessions
Deleting Cookies
Starting a Session
Registering Session variables
Using Session Variables
Destroying the variables and Session

Level 5 :

Php My-SQL Database
Database Creation
Creating Tables & Fields in MySQL
Overview of Data Types in MySQL
Introduction to SQL
Executing DDL & DML Queries in MySQL Environment
Database Normalization
Introduction to Joins ( Inner, left, right, etc. )
Grouping & Aggregate Functions
Sub Queries

Level 6 :


Level 7 :

Php Insert, View, Update, Delete using php and HTML form
File upload
File Download
PDF generation

Level 8 :

PHP validation ( server side validation )

Level 9 :

Ajax with JavaScript and J-Query

Level 10 :

Object Oriented PHP programming
Classes, objects, and operations
Class attributes
Per-class constants
Class method invocation
Access Modifier
Static method
Type Hinting
Object Cloning
Abstract class
Final keyword
Implementing Interface
Understanding Advance and New Object-Oriented functionality
Implementing Iterators and Iterations
Magic functions with PHP
Exception Handling concepts
Exception control structures try, catch, throw
The Exceptions class
User-defined exception
Insert, View, Update, Delete using php and HTML form using OOPS

Level 11 :

Live server Handling concept ( C-panel, FTP )
E-mail with PHP

Level 12 :

Project On Core PHP with Admin panel( Using HTML5, Css3, Javascript, Jquery )

Level 13 :

Project On Object Oriented PHP ( Using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery )

Level 14 :

CMS Concept ( Like WordPress or Drupal or Magento )

Level 15 :

FrameWork Concept ( Like CodeIgniter or Cake PHP or YII, Zend)

Level 16 :

In-house Exam On Entire Php Course
Interview Preparation

Level 17 :

2 Live Projects work on my clients projects

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